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Fine-dust problems? We can fix this together!

When harvesting potatoes, a layer of soil remains on the potato. This is good for protecting the potato when it is stored. But during storage the soil layer dries and turns into dust. When processing the potatoes, this dust is spread into the entire workspace, which is bad for the health of you and your employees.

This makes it important to invest in various solutions against fine dust. This is what we can both do to help fix this problem! 

What you can do:

  • Work equipment that runs on fossil fuels use a fan. This causes the dust to be blown from the ground back into the workspace. By replacing these with electrically driven equipment, dust is no longer blown into the workspace and there will be no more exhaust gases.
  • Keeping the workplace clean, by sweeping daily, certainly helps!

What we can do:

  • Covering the sorting and packaging machines with plastic dust tents prevents dust from spreading.
  • With extraction at various points in the processing line – especially there where the potatoes fall – you can prevent the spreading of dust to a large extent. It’s impossible to completely be dust-free but 95% is certainly achievable!

All this ensures a more dust-free end product, a clean and healthy working environment and… happy employees! Interested? Contact Tibo Afzuigtechniek and end dust related problems!